Lord Logenburt Part 11 by Thomas Roggenbuck

Frederic leaned against the wall, tugging a handkerchief out of his suit pocket and dabbing it against his forehead. The dragon baby was heavy and thankfully, asleep. She had fidgeted and cried the entire time he searched for a room where she could sleep. A place that wasn’t going to burn if she belched more... Continue Reading →


Lord Logenburt Part 10 by Rhiannon Amberfyre

Thanks so much for contributing to the adventure, Rhiannon!   The air was filled with the arid scent of burning carpet as Frederic and Tubs stared at the dragonling and her flaming offering. “Fire pretty,” she crooned softly as she slowly morphed back into her dragon form. With eyes watering as the whiskey fumed haze... Continue Reading →

Lord Logenburt Part 8 by Ryan Macayden

Thanks for contributing, Ryan! Lord Logenburt Part 8 by Ryan Macayden Lord Fredric Logenburt shouldered past his butler still carrying the limp form of Lea DuBois. Tubs looked his master up and down, his mouth agape. “Lord Logenburt! What has happened? Sir, are you alright?” Logenburt’s clothing was torn and stiff with the dried blood.... Continue Reading →

Lord Logenburt Part 7 by Anna Kaling

Thank you for contributing part seven, Anna! Lord Logenburt Part Seven By Anna Kaling The Lord Logenburts past were responsible for the dragon problem, at least in some abstract way, and Lord Logenburt present could put an end to it. He decided on several courses of action at once, and his body twitched as it... Continue Reading →

Lord Logenburt Part 5 by Kim. M. Watt

Thanks for bringing us part five, Kim! Lord Logenburt Part Five By Kim. M. Watt The Baron’s grin widened. “Monstrosities, yes, but my monstrosities!” Frederic fumbled in his coat pocket for the flask of whiskey. Never mind social niceties or keeping up appearances – this was madness. Breeding dragons had been forbidden for decades, in... Continue Reading →

Lord Logenburt Part 4 by Kit Danziger

Thanks for contributing, Kit! Lord Logenburt Part Four By Kit Danziger Frederic followed the Baron out of the room.  The manor was very dark and cold.  Surely a man of the baron's stature and privilege could afford to light a few gaslamps, Frederic thought. But it wasn't his place to question a baron. He regretted... Continue Reading →

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